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The Word Of Nature

Experiences and Ideas in the Exhibition

In general, exhibitions serve many functions. From certain perspectives, exhibitions could be a promotional space between the host, the artists and the visitors. Some see it as a space where artworks are bought and sold or ideologies are negotiated. This is not quite true for beginners or amateurs. For them, exhibitions are a platform where achievements are obtained and existence is justified. Through participating in several exhibitions, exhibitors are "seen" and become exist. These reasons make exhibitions invaluable.


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Date : 16 April - 16 May 2021
Venue : Yun Artified Community Art Center

Address :  Jl. Katamaran Permai 3 No.35 / 37, Kapuk Muara, Kec. Penjaringan, Kota Jakarta Utara, DKI Jakarta, 14460, Indonesia.

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The Word Of Nature

Experiences and Ideas in the Exhibition

In general, exhibitions serve many functions. From certain perspectives, exhibitions could be a promotional space between the host, the artists and the visitors. Some see it as a space where artworks are bought and sold or ideologies are negotiated. This is not quite true for beginners or amateurs. For them, exhibitions are a platform where achievements are obtained and existence is justified. Through participating in several exhibitions, exhibitors are "seen" and become exist. These reasons make exhibitions invaluable.

Exhibitions could also function as a space to exchange experiences. When you take your children to an art exhibition, it is not quite accurate or wise to say that you are encouraging them to become artists, is it? Especially if they are not yet mature. Exhibitions function as a space for living through other people's experience vicariously; this is the best perception to instil in your children because each exhibited artwork contains adventures in thoughts, meanings, and symbols to be learned by each appreciator.

An example of this is an exhibition that combines the artworks of students, teachers and professional artists, like the one you are currently seeing. There are numerous offerings of adventures in thoughts and meanings that you could explore. The "diverse" types of exhibitors create a certain impression. Some are learning art for different purposes. Some are looking to develop their talents or hobbies. Some are treating it as self-therapy. Some have objectives that are not yet clear.

Yun Artified: Community Art Centre is an art community with a unique concept. This non-profit institution has an educational goal and an expansive network. Located in Pantai Indah Kapuk, Penjaringan Jakarta Utara, institute that founded by Yince Djuwidja occupies a special role in the arts.

This institution has hosted curated exhibitions (including important artists from China and Indonesia), visual arts workshop, art advisory, art storage consultation, art photography, online databases, and high-quality libraries. They have established a partnership with international artists. They have participated in managing international exhibitions, including the online exhibition "The International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media" in 2019. Founded in 2019, this institute has made its mark in the arts community.

Before the global pandemic occurred, masterclasses were often held in their international-quality exhibition building. A number of artists were invited to conduct specialized workshops and seminars. Some Indonesian artists included the painters Katirin, Januri, Ismanto Wahyudi, and Angga Yuniar from Yogyakarta. Joni Ramlan, an artist residing in East Java, has also been featured. Artists from other countries have been invited as well: Singapore, Australia and China. These artists have obtained extraordinary achievements in the development of fine arts today.

The second-anniversary exhibition of Yun Artified will be held offline or in physical space from 16 April to 16 May 2021. Mindful for the pandemic, the committee will also provide online or virtual access on their website through the link A virtual tour exhibition will be held after VIP preview.

Several paintings of students under Yun Artified have extraordinary appeal. Among these artworks are Vera Anastasia's painting titled Berdoa (2020), or "praying", Sunwa's Metropolitan illusion (2021), Jason Adrian Wu's Weather of Erebor (2020), Oklee Valent Wu's Grinch Castle (2020), Elyza Davira Hung's Mouse, Deer in The Snowing Rain Forest (2020) and several other students with creative works that stand out. Their skills in compsition, managing colors and choosing the appropriate objects are sensational, especially considering their relatively young age. It is our hope that they will continue to produce artwork and populate creative spaces, both in Indonesia and internationally.

In regards to her students, Yince told me through Whatsapp, "I'm not looking for quantity. I prioritize the quality of the students and encouraging their love of painting, especially the younger ones or the children." This institution has given painting lessons since July 2020. The pandemic did not halt their activity. "Well, we stopped [giving lessons] for a while, from March to June 2020, due to the government regulations on social distancing," said Yince.

There are equally appealing works from the teachers. Yosep Agustomo's painting titled A Cross (2021) has convinced me of his strong artistic skills. It isn't easy to paint the curves of a female high jump athlete from this perspective. Her anatomy is well suited to her facial expression, and the abstract background has its own appeal. Kudos.

Meanwhile, Gus Her (Herman) 's artwork titled Gorologi (2021) leaves an impression of a clown in a crowd. This painting recreates a skilled actor in his profession and paints him as a multitalented being. The combination of muted and warm colors makes this painting boisterous and symbolic. Another painting by Dedy Suherdi, Blue in Light #1 (2021), described a cold and silent nature. The iciness is palpable. His skill in interpreting the elements of weather and the climate is powerful and sharp in this painting. It is not easy to capture the feelings of cold and chill in a painting; Dedy has succeeded in this artwork.

Yince Djuwidja's artworks are no less artistic. Armed with strong techniques, Yince presented two artworks: Rising Above the Sinful (2020) and Lotus Pond Fairy Tale Overture (2021). Both paintings featured blooming lotuses. Even though both paintings featured the same objects, these paintings actually symbolize the human spirit. The distance between one lotus flower and another could be interpreted as growing from the mud. The lotus flowers keep blooming, beautiful and untainted even though they grow in the vulnerable, water-scarce ground. This painting reminds us to keep on living and growing even though there are obstacles in our lives.

The painting Lotus Pond Fairy Tale Overture, on the other hand, presented an atmosphere of wisdom and solemnity. The concept of togetherness is clearly presented. The lotus flowers grew close to each other, healthy and boasting predominantly shades of natural greens give a positive aroma and energy. The lotus flowers in these paintings invited me to experience a life of beautiful togetherness.

Aside from the students and the teachers, several professional artists are featured as guests in this exhibition. Their works are exhibited as moral support, comparative study and aesthetic nourishment for the appreciators. These artists include Bambang Pramudiyanto, Dedi Sufriadi, Edi Sunaryo, Erica, Hadi Soesanto Ipong Purnama Sidhi, Januri, Joni Ramlan, Melodia, Syahrizal Pahlevi dan Umar Chusaeni. These eleven guest artists are established artists. Some of them have participated in exhibitions across the world, even as they reside in Yogyakarta, Magelang, Mojokerto and Jakarta.

Their work implies their respective identity. For example, Dedi Sufriadi's artwork titled FLASH #1 (2021) is rich in improvised strokes and playful composition ideas. From his work, we could learn about the technique, the impression and the idiom of the object of his painting. The brush in his painting describes the challenging path every painter must go through: a life of improvisations, steep and mysterious.

Hadi Soesanto's artwork titled World Phenomenon (2020) invites us to pay attention to the humanity in the healthcare heroes during the pandemic. The map of Indonesia as an ornament on the traditional blirik kettle symbolizes a warning for Indonesia to keep alert. We learn the concept of symbolization in a painting through Hadi Soesanto's work.

Then there are the two paintings of Syahrizal Pahlevi, which put the architectural sceneries of Yogyakarta's culture at their center. Both his paintings are symbols of the imaginary axis created by Sultan Hamengkubuwono I when he built the palace of Yogyakarta. From these paintings, we learn about the beauty of real spaces reproduced on canvasses through unique means.

These are several things that noted. Perhaps there are much that has yet to be noted in this article. These important things could be discussed with your friends or your children, so as to give more meaning to the presented ideas and experiences of the painters in this exhibition.

There are more than fifty beautiful experiences in this exhibition. This is a sufficient number for learning to experience or learning from the experiences of other people. The pandemic, global crisis, political uproar, humanitarian conflicts, both in and out of the country, might never be over. However, the true ability of art is to soothe. Currently, we are seeing, listening to and witnessing nature's words (the reality, occurrences, momentum) about a vulnerable world. These artists have managed to present them beautifully. Therefore, remain alert because nature is testing our patience and our strength.


Godean Yogyakarta, April 1. 2021


Mikke Susanto

Lecture & Indonesian Art Writer

RM Indo


Pengalaman dan Ide-ide dalam Ruang Pamer

Secara umum, pameran memiliki banyak fungsi. Dalam perspektif tertentu ruang pamer menjadi sarana promosi bagi tuan rumah, peserta dan pengunjung. Ada yang menganggap sebagai sarana jual-beli karya maupun tawar-menawar ideologi pemikiran. Namun bagi perupa pemula atau amatir, lain lagi. Pameran menjadi tumpuan untuk meraih prestasi dan eksistensi lebih lanjut. Dengan menggelar sekian kali pameran, akhirnya perupa dapat “dilihat” dan terlihat keberadaannya. Karena itu ruang pamer bernilai sangat tinggi.

Fungsi lain ruang pamer adalah sebagai tempat bertukar pengalaman. Jika Anda mengajak putra-putri Anda ke pameran, tidaklah tepat dan bijak bila dikatakan Anda sedang mengarahkan padanya agar bercita-cita sebagai seniman, kan? Apalagi anak Anda masih belum dewasa. Justru fungsi terbaik yang harus ditanamkan pada putra-putri kita dalam ruang pamer adalah menyediakan ruang untuk menimba pengalaman orang lain, tanpa mengalaminya sendiri. Sebab setiap karya yang dipamerkan menyimpan sifat-sifat petualangan pemikiran, makna dan simbol untuk dipelajari oleh setiap apresiator.

Pameran yang memadukan antara karya murid, guru dan perupa profesional seperti yang Anda lihat ini contohnya. Banyak sekali tawaran petualangan pemikiran dan makna yang dapat ditelusuri. Jenis peserta yang “beragam” memberi kesan tersendiri. Ada yang tengah belajar dengan tujuan bermacam-macam. Ada yang ingin mengembangkan bakat dan hobi. Ada yang melakukan sejenis terapi diri. Sampai pada tujuan lain yang mungkin belum tampak atau terbaca dengan jelas.

Yun Artified: Community Art Centre sendiri merupakan salah satu komunitas seni dengan konsep yang unik. Lembaga non-profit ini memiliki tujuan edukatif dan berjejaring luas. Dengan mengambil lokasi di Pantai Indah Kapuk, Penjaringan Jakarta Utara, lembaga yang didirikan oleh Yince Djuwidja ini mengambil peran khusus untuk melakukan kegiatan seni rupa.

Di dalamnya pernah digelar pameran-pameran terkurasi (termasuk menyajikan para perupa-perupa penting dari Tiongkok dan Indonesia), workshop seni visual, art advisory, art storage consultation, art photography, on line database dan perpustakaan yang berkualitas. Kemitraan dengan para perupa dari negara lain juga telah terjalin. Termasuk turut serta mengelola pameran internasional, diantaranya pameran on line “The International Association of Universities and Collages of Art, Design and Media” pada 2019. Hal ini memberi tanda tersendiri bagi lembaga yang didirikan pada 2019 lalu.

Sebelum terjadi pandemi, lembaga yang memiliki gedung pameran yang berkualitas internasional ini juga sering mengadakan acara master class. Sejumlah perupa diundang untuk memberikan workshop dan ceramah khusus. Beberapa seniman Indonesia diantaranya adalah pelukis Katirin, Januri, Ismanto Wahyudi, dan Angga Yuniar dari Yogyakarta. Ada pula Joni Ramlan, perupa yang tinggal di Jawa Timur. Selain itu juga pernah mengundang perupa asal negara lain: Singapura, Australia dan Tiongkok. Sejumlah perupa yang diundang tentu memiliki prestasi luar biasa dalam perkembangan seni rupa dewasa ini.

Pameran kado ulang tahun kedua Yun Artified disajikan secara luring atau fisik dari tanggal 16 April – 16 Mei 2021. Di tengah pandemi seperti saat ini, panitia juga menggelarnya secara daring atau virtual melalui website, pada tanggal 24 April 2021.

Sejumlah lukisan para murid yang bernaung di Yun Artified tercatat memiliki daya tarik luar biasa. Karya Vera Anastasia bertajuk Berdoa (2020), Sunwa berjudul Metropolitan illusion (2021), Jason Adrian Wu berjudul Weather of Erebor (2020), Oklee Valent Wu dengan judul Grinch Castle (2020), Elyza Davira Hung bertajuk Mouse, Deer in The Snowing Rain Forest (2020) serta beberapa lainnya menunjukkan kerja kreatif yang menonjol. Kemampuan menata komposisi, mengelola warna, dan memilih objek yang sesuai, memberi sensasi luar biasa. Apalagi jika dilihat dari usia mereka yang rata-rata masih belia. Diharapkan mereka terus berkarya untuk bisa mengisi ruang-ruang kreatif, baik di Indonesia maupun di ranah internasional.

Perihal keberadaan murid-muridnya, Yince menulis melalui whatsapp pada saya, “Saya tidak mencari quantity murid, tapi yang diutamakan quality dan memberi semangat ke murid-murid supaya senang melukis, terutama yang muda-muda atau anak-anak.” Kegiatan proses belajar melukis di lembaga ini telah dijalani sejak Juli 2020 sampai sekarang. Masa pandemi tidak menghalangi lembaga ini untuk bergerak. “Sempat berhenti sih, selama Maret hingga Juni 2020 karena aturan Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar (PSBB) yang dicanangkan oleh pemerintah,” ujar Yince.

Sementara itu sejumlah karya para pengajar juga tak kalah menarik. Lukisan Yosep Agustomo berjudul A Cross (2021) meyakinkan saya tentang kemampuan artistik yang kuat. Cukup sulit untuk melukis liukan tubuh perempuan atlit loncat tinggi dengan sudut pandang seperti itu. Anatomi yang sesuai dengan ekspresi wajah serta latar belakang abstrak memberikan sensasi dan daya tarik tersendiri. Salut.

Sedangkan karya Gus Her (Herman) yang bertajuk Gorologi (2021) memberi kesan tentang figur badut di tengah keramaian. Lukisan ini menukilkan keterampilan sang aktor dalam menjalani profesi dan digambarkan seperti manusia serba bisa. Perpaduan antara warna temaram dan warna panas menjadikan lukisan ini riuh dan simbolik. Adapun karya Dedy Suherdi bertajuk Blue in Light #1 (2021) mencatat suasana alam yang sunyi dan dingin. Suasana beku terasa sekali. Kemampuan menganasir cuaca dan iklim tampak kuat dan tajam dalam lukisan ini. tidak mudah menangkap rasa dingin dan beku dalam sebuah lukisan. Dedy tampak berhasil dalam karya ini.

Karya Yince Djuwidja sendiri tak kalah artistik. Berbekal kemampun teknik yang sangat kuat Yince menghadirkan 2 karya, yakni lukisan Rising Above The Sinful (2020) dan Lotus Pond Fairy Tale Overture (2021). Keduanya melukis tentang lotus yang tengah bermekaran. Meskipun keduanya memiliki objek yang sama, kenyataannya karya ini lebih menyimbolkan spirit hidup manusia. Suasana lotus yang tumbuh berjarak antar satu dengan lainnya mengundang tafsir tentang mereka yang tumbuh di lumpur yang kurang air. Lotus itu tetap tumbuh, indah tak terkontaminasi meskipun di tanah yang rentan, minim air. Lukisan ini mengingatkan kita agar terus hidup lebih baik, meskipun hambatan menghadang di depan kita.

Sedangkan karya Lotus Pond Fairy Tale Overture tampak lebih menganasir tentang suasana yang hikmat dan khusu’. Konsep tentang kebersamaan tergambar jelas. Lotus yang tumbuh berdekatan, sehat dan mengumandangkan dominasi warna dan nuansa hijau alamiah tampak mengukir aroma dan energi positif. Lotus dalam lukisan ini mengajak saya menjalani pengalaman tentang hidup bersama secara indah.

Di luar murid dan guru, sejumlah perupa profesional turut menjadi tamu dalam pameran ini. Karya-karya mereka turut dihadirkan sebagai bentuk dukungan moral, studi komparasi sekaligus sebagai asupan estetik bagi apresiator. Mereka adalah Bambang Pramudiyanto, Dedi Sufriadi, Edi Sunaryo, Erica, Hadi Soesanto Ipong Purnama Sidhi, Januri, Joni Ramlan, Melodia, Syahrizal Pahlevi dan Umar Chusaeni. Sejumlah 11 perupa undangan ini adalah perupa-perupa yang telah eksis. Beberapa diantaranya telah berpameran di sejumlah negara. Meskipun mereka kini tinggal di Yogyakarta, Magelang, Mojokerto dan Jakarta.

Karya mereka menyiratkan identitas masing-masing. Sebagai contoh karya Dedi Sufriadi bertajuk FLASH #1 (2021) yang kaya akan ide improvisasi goresan dan permainan komposisi. Dari karya ini, kita bisa belajar tentang teknik sekaligus impresi serta idiom objek yang dilukisnya. Kuas yang dilukisnya memberi pesan tentang “jalan pedang” yang dilalui oleh setiap pelukis: hidup penuh improvisasi, terjal sekaligus misterius.

Karya Hadi Soesanto bertajuk World Phenomenon (2020) mengajak kita untuk memperhatikan sisi kemanusiaan para pejuang kesehatan masa pandemi. Simbolisasi peta Indonesia yang tergambar sebagai ornamen teko blirik menandai ajakan agar Indonesia waspada. Dari lukisan Hadi Soesanto kita belajar tentang konsep simbolisasi yang diterapkan dalam lukisan.

Adapun dua karya Syahrizal Pahlevi, lebih khusus mengetengahkan pemandangan arsitektur budaya Yogyakarta. Kedua karyanya merupakan simbol keberadaan sumbu imajiner wilayah yang diciptakan oleh Sultan Hamengku Buwono I pada saat mendirikan Kraton Yogyakarta. Dari karya ini kita belajar tentang keindahan ruang realitas yang dipindah ke kanvas dengan cara unik.

Itulah sejumlah hal yang sempat saya catat. Mungkin masih banyak yang belum terekam dan tertunaikan dalam artikel ini. Hal-hal penting lainnya mungkin dapat didiskusikan bersama dengan teman atau putra-putri Anda. Agar ide dan pengalaman para pelukis dalam ruang pamer menjadi lebih bermakna kehadirannya.

Dalam pameran ini terdapat 50-an pengalaman indah. Jumlah tersebut terhitung cukup bila dipakai sebagai sarana belajar mengalami atau mempelajari pengalaman orang lain. Suasana pandemi, krisis global, kecamuk politik, konflik kemanusiaan, baik yang terjadi di dalam maupun di luar negeri mungkin tidak atau belum berakhir. Namun, seni sejatinya mampu mendinginkan suasana. Saat ini kita sedang melihat, mendengar, dan menyaksikan “sabda alam” (realitas, kejadian, momentum) tentang dunia yang rentan. Para pelukis ini berhasil memperlihatkan itu semua secara indah. Jadi, tetaplah waspada, sebab alam tengah menguji kesabaran dan kekuatan kita.



Godean Yogyakarta, 1 April 2021


Mikke Susanto

Lecture & Indonesian Art Writer

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