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Beijing International Art Biennale 2017

Beijing International Art Biennale
BIAB 2017

The Joint Exhibition of Indonesian Artists at the Beijing International Art Biennale (BIAB 2017), the first step of the ICAA towards promoting Indonesian artists on the international stage. Jakarta 22, September 2017

There is no hard work which does not pay off. Finally, the ICAA (Indonesia-China Art Associated), founded by Yince Djuwidja, has been recognised for its efforts by the granting of a special pavilion dedicated to Indonesian artwork at the Seventh Beijing International Art Biennale (BIAB), which will run from the 24th September to 15th October 2017 in the Special Exhibitions category. The BIAB is held every two years at the National Art Museum of Beijing, China.

The theme at Biennale this year The Silk Road and The World Civilization. The exhibition is curated by Kuss Indarto. The following artists were selected through a rigorous process by the prestigious international exhibition committee;

Camelia Mitasari Hasibuan (Memory of the Silk Road),

Chusin Setiadikara (Traceback),

I Putu Edy Asmara(Exchange),

Erizal As (Rabab Minang),

Gatot Indrajati (Flying Ryukin),

Ivan Sagita (Everybody has Silk Road),

Januri (Roads Lead to Beijing and Hard Work),

Johan Abi Tobing (Three Women in Javanese Costume, Catwalk 1, and Dancing Girl).)

Joni Ramlan Wiono (Two Harmonious Culture, Golden Moment and Village of Two Cultures),

Made Gede Paramatita (Hope for the World and Where is the Way),

I Made Wianta (Black and White Eagles and Golden Poems),

Mangu Putra (Small Flowers in the Jungle),

Nasirun (Mark), Nyoman Nuarta (Legend of Borobudur III),

Franciscus Sigit Santoso (Year of Rooster),

Ugy Sugiarto (The Meaning of Friendship and The Power of Love),

Yince Djuwidja (Unity in Diversity/Bhinneka Tunggal Ika).

Our exhibition curator has noted that most of the works of Indonesian artists presented in the BIAB are works that try to re-examine the theme of “Silk Road”, contextualised into matters relating to the culture and condition of Indonesia, or relating to the individual artist’s interest and interpretation. Our artists who have visually provided their interpretations on the theme of the “Silk Road” with numerous different variations. These visual interpretations on the “Silk Road” theme, are rather diverse, which only serves to further enrich the theme. The “Silk Road”, in the context of the Indonesian artists whose cultural history is different to those of other artists from China or other continents, offers a much varied understanding of a similar theme.

Yince Djuwidja, the founder of ICAA ,was pleased and proud to be involved in guiding and overseeing this process, from facilitating communication between the international organisers with Indonesian artists, lobbying for admission of Indonesian works, and coordination of artists to depart from Indonesia to Beijing, China. “Really, it is work that’s not easy – rather, complex, dynamic, but deeply engaging because it brings new organisational experience to our association. This is a very valuable experience because it is in line with our vision and mission, which is to facilitate artistic and cultural exchange between Indonesia and China. Earlier, on October 18-24, 2014, ICAA established an Indonesia-China International Exhibition program at the National Museum of Indonesia, Jakarta, and opened by the Chinese ambassador to Indonesia. This previous exhibition featured works by 16 Indonesian artists and 14 Chinese artists “.

Participation at Beijing International Art Biennale is supported by the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing, and the China Artists Association (CAA). Other support comes from United in Diversity, Agility Freight Forwarder and the Sampoerna Foundation.


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