Every Thursday (2-4pm) | Yùn Artified Community Art Center

Learn The Basic of Chinese Calligraphy

Date & Venue

Every Thursday (2-4pm)
Yùn Artified Community Art Center, Jl. Katamaran Permai 3 No.35, Jakarta 14460, Indonesia

About The Event

Hi Learners! Chinese calligraphy is a kind of art based on Chinese characters. We will start our calligraphy learning from the basic knowledge and simple characters then gradually move to deeper insight and complex characters. You will also get to learn about Chinese culture through this class. Interesting right? So, register yourself now!

What you will learn :

- Introduction of Chinese Calligraphy

- The Technique of Using Chinese Calligraphy Brush

- The Basic Brushstrokes of Chinese Calligraphy 

Workshop Details:

Date : Every Thursday

Time : 2-4 pm

Loc : Yùn Artified Community Art Center

Address : Jl. Katamaran Permai 3 no. 35, PIK, Jakarta Utara, 14460.

Price : IDR 1.000.000,- (4x Session)


For more information, contact us at :

FB / IG : @yunartified

WA : +62 8151 3411 533

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